Medical Marijuana: Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Medical marijuana has been used for a long course to treat pains and other health problems. The plant offers excellent results in relieving very many different kinds of ailments. Because of this reason, there are very many ways of ingesting the medicine. One of the new methods includes the consumption of cannabis tinctures. This option is suitable for users who do not want to smoke or vape. I love the range of CBD and THC hemp seed oil tinctures on this website.

Nonetheless, in this article, we are focusing on the vaping of cannabis and its compounds. According to recent reports, vaping is a safer method of ingesting cannabis than smoking. Here are some of the reasons why vaping is better than smoking.


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Vaping involves heating either an e-liquid or dry herbs with low heat to produce a vapour. This vapour carries the contents of the e-liquid or the dry herbs, and when you inhale it, the contents are absorbed into your body. It is considered safer than smoking because it releases less heat into your lungs as compared to smoking.

Your lungs are not built for extremely high temperatures, and the intense heat from smoking can damage them. Vaping helps reduce the chances of damage by heat. Other than the heat, it also reduces the number of toxins entering your body.


When you smoke, the smoke can carry carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to the body. The carbon monoxide forms because of the incomplete combustion that is taking place. Other than carbon monoxide, the rolling paper used may have bleach or other chemicals that are dangerous when introduced into the body.

On the other hand, vaping gives you a pure hit. Every puff you take is pure hemp and has nothing extra. When you use an e-liquid that is pure marijuana, or dry herb, you get the full effect without any extra toxins.


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Smoking involves combustion of the plant material. This smoke produces a strong smell that is not liked by everyone. To avoid this, you can use a vaporizer. Since the vaporizer is not burning the plant, it does not produce the smell. The vapour carries no odour. This makes it more convenient for users because it is more discreet.


The effect that comes from vaping is stronger than that of smoking. This is because you consume the whole product without wasting it. When smoking, so much of the smoke goes unused, and you would get the experience of half or three-quarters of what you are smoking. However, when vaping, you get the full experience.

From the information above, you can tell that vaping cannabis offers a safer alternative than smoking.


How to Come Up With Realistic Goals

Setting goals is essential in ensuring everything in your life turns out successful. Without goals, you will find yourself on the wrong path most of the time. This might seem simple on paper but difficult when it comes to implementation.

Goal setting is essential in life because it motivates you to do a number of things that have always been difficult. The motivation you get comes from the work you put in to achieve the set targets. You will also be more focused in life when you set goals. This reduces the chances of engaging in activities or doing things that prove to be less meaningful. It keeps you on the right path.

Procrastination is a common habit among many that may deter you from achieving what you need in life. It is the habit of postponing different things or activities you are supposed to do in life. Setting goals helps in curbing this habit. You will personally be responsible for every action you take. Coming up with realistic or achievable goals is essential if you want everything to turn out as you like. Here is how you can come up with attainable goals.

Know Your Limitations

There are several things that can limit you from achieving the goals you have set. This is something you should factor in when listing down your targets. Sit down and consider all the hurdles that may stop you from achieving the goals you have set in life. This will help you come up with something attainable.

Do Your Research

You should also do your research to find out if it’s possible to achieve some of the goals you have set. There are several sites where you can learn a few things on certain targets you set for yourself. This will help you come up with something more specific that can be achieved easily.

Availability of Resources

Make sure you have all the resources or timelife goals that can help you attain specific goals. A perfect example is those that require enough time or money. Make sure you have all that to be able to meet your aims. Coming up with realistic goals will help you achieve them easily.