Critical Thinking

What Is Critical Thinking? Facts To Know

It is within human nature to think. However, most of the time when we think it is either in a biased, partial, distorted prejudiced or in an uninformed way. It is important to note that the quality of the life one lives is to a greater advantage determined by the quality of their thoughts. If one thinks in a shoddy way then so is their quality of life. Then there is critical thinking. This brings us to the question what is critical thinking

What is critical thinking?boy

This is a way of thinking about any content or problem through skillful analyzing, assessment and reconstruction of the problem. This, in turn, improves the quality of their thinking. It is a way of thought that is that is self-disciplined; self-monitored and also self-corrective. It also includes effective communication skills and abilities to solve problems and to be able to overcome egocentrism.

The result of a critical thinker

critical thinkerThe critical thinker can raise important questions and problems formulating them clearly and straight to the point. This is made possible by the fact that the thinker will gather and assess the relevant information and use abstract ideas to interpret them effectively.

The thinker is also able to come to reasoned conclusions and solutions by testing them against several criteria and standards. This achieved by thinking in an open-minded way and analyzing the assumptions coupled with implications and consequences.

The thinker comes to the realization that despite being thinkers they can still improve their abilities to reason. More to that they are aware of the fact that they can sometimes fail in their reasoning but still they will strive to make an improvement in the world through their contribution to the society. They strive to make their thinking simple in dealing with issues that are complicated. They know the complexities in thinking, and they still commit themselves to improving themselves. Finally, the thinker can communicate effectively with other people and hence figure out solutions to problems.

Application of critical thinking

It is applied in the field of academic as it helps one to analyze, do an evaluation and restructure their thinking. This helps to decrease the chances of acting on false beliefs.

In the field of nursing, critical thinking helps nurses in the reflection to come up with a better decision on the current situation they may be facing. Anyone can adopt critical thinking and be use to make the world a better place.